Aug 09, 2021

Stormwater Maui to Offer Storm Water Learning Activities at the Maui Ocean Center

Stormwater Maui will be offering educational activities at the Maui Ocean Center’s Discovery Plaza. 


Hawai'i's Stormwater Maui is hosting on-site events with fun hands-on activities for kids, designed to help them learn more about protecting Maui’s marine environment through storm water awareness and pollution prevention.

According to Maui Now News, the event will be held at the Maui Ocean Center on Aug. 20, Oct. 15, and Dec. 21, 2021, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. 

The events will feature interactive and educational models depicting a coastal watershed and Maui’s storm drain system. According to Maui Now News, participants will be able to mimic rainfall and storm water flow to visualize how pollutants can be carried from various sources, then into storm drains, and out to the ocean and other bodies of water. 

Children will also gain tips on how to prevent pollution generated from our everyday actions and win prizes for participating.

Stormwater Maui is part of the State of Hawaiʻi, Department of Transportation Highways Division – Maui District (HWY-M). 

“Stormwater Maui is an integral part of HWY-M’s mission to protect our island’s streams, ponds and ocean environment from pollutants that can cause significant harm to sensitive ecosystems,” said Ty Fukuroku, program manager, Environmental Management, HWY-M, reported Maui Now News. “We’re pleased to be able to collaborate with the Maui Ocean Center as part of their robust and informative Ocean Aloha initiative.”

According to Maui Now News, The Maui Ocean Center’s Ocean Aloha is an island-based marine conservation program that aims to educate visitors and residents of all ages about natural resources with educational and entertaining activities, including: Hawaiian cultural exhibits and displays; activities designed for elementary school-age children; and opportunities to engage with knowledgeable marine naturalists.

Stormwater Maui will be offering activities at the Maui Ocean Center’s Discovery Plaza, and Maui Ocean Center entry fees apply, but there is no additional charge to participate in the Stormwater Maui activity.

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