Dec 30, 2014

Engineering Company Selected to Rehab Texas Sewer System

RJN Group will provide the rehabilitation/replacement design for the deteriorating trunk system 

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The Trinity River Authority of Texas (TRA) selected RJN Group, Inc. (RJN) for the Walker-Calloway Branch Outfall Trunk Sewer System Project. RJN is performing preliminary engineering, providing rehabilitation/replacement design of the existing trunk system.

RJN has previously completed an assessment with recommendations for rehabilitation/replacement of the system.  The trunk sewer, which is comprised of 25,000 linear ft of 24 to 42 in. diameter pipe, has severe deterioration and has collapsed at a couple of locations in the past.  Rehabilitation/replacement will ensure that the potential for failure is lessened, and that the system continues to provide service to its customer cities.

This project will continue through most of 2015.