EPA Adds Seven Waste Sites to Superfund’s National Priorities List

Agency also proposes to add an additional five sites

EPA Adds Seven Hazardous Waste Sites to National Priorities List

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) added seven hazardous waste sites that pose risks to people's health and the environment to the National Priorities List (NPL) of Superfund sites. EPA is also proposing to add another five sites to the list. Superfund is the federal program that investigates and cleans up the most complex, uncontrolled or abandoned hazardous waste sites in the country to protect people’s health and the environment.

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), the law establishing the Superfund program, requires EPA to update the NPL at least annually and clean up hazardous waste sites to protect human health with the goal of returning them to communities for productive use. A site’s listing neither imposes a financial obligation on EPA nor assigns liability to any party. Updates to the NPL do, however, provide policymakers with a list of high priority sites, serving to identify the size and nature of the nation’s cleanup challenges.

With all NPL sites, EPA first works to identify companies or people responsible for the contamination at a site, and requires them to conduct or pay for the cleanup. For the newly listed sites without viable potentially responsible parties, EPA will investigate the full extent of the contamination before starting significant cleanup at the site. Therefore, it may be several years before significant EPA clean up funding is required for these sites.

The following seven sites have been added to the NPL:

  • MacMillan Ring Free Oil (former oil refinery) in Norphlet, Ark.;
  • Keddy Mill (former sawmill, grist and wool carding mill) in Windham, Maine;
  • PCE Southeast Contamination (groundwater plume) in York, Neb.;
  • PCE/TCE Northeast Contamination (groundwater plume) in York, Neb.;
  • Unimatic Mfg. Corp. (former chemical manufacturer) in Fairfield, N.J.;
  • Wolff-Alport Chemical Co. (former metal extraction facility) in Ridgewood, N.Y.; and
  • Walker Machine Products Inc. (former machine screw products manufacturer) in Collierville, Tenn.

The following five sites have been proposed for addition to the NPL:

  • Colorado Smelter (former smelter) in Pueblo, Colo.;
  • North Shore Drive (ground water plume) in Elkhart, Ind.;
  • Delta Shipyard (former boat cleaning and repair) in Houma, La.;
  • Baghurst Drive (ground water plume) in Harleysville, Pa.; and
  • Jard Co. Inc. (former capacitor manufacturer) in Bennington, Vt.

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