Nov 27, 2013

EPA Report Analyzes LID, Green Infrastructure Benefits

Case studies highlight public entities that have conducted evaluations of their LID/GI programs

EPA LID Green Infrastructure Report Economic Benefits

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released a new technical report called "Case Studies Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure" that helps utilities, state and other municipal agencies, and other storm water professionals understand the potential benefits of low impact development and green infrastructure (LID/GI) programs. The objective of the report is to highlight different evaluation methods that have been successfully applied and also to demonstrate cases where LID/GI projects and programs have been shown to be economically beneficial. Also, the intent of this document is to promote the use of LID/GI, where appropriate, to supplement grey storm water infrastructure.

The report highlights 13 case studies of selected public entities throughout the U.S. that have conducted economic evaluations of their LID/GI programs. The case studies were selected to represent a variety of analysis methods in different geographic areas of the U.S., for different types of municipal programs. The case studies highlight locations where LID/GI applications, in combination with grey infrastructure, were found to be economically beneficial.

Storm water professionals can use the information and resources provided in this report when planning, implementing, and assessing their own LID/GI programs. The report provides a starting framework that both illustrates how others have evaluated the costs and benefits of their LID/GI projects and programs, and suggests methods communities may want to investigate to get started on their own community specific analyses.