Jan 23, 2018

Dredged Lake Sand May Solve Beach Erosion

The proposed plan could provide a short-term erosion control solution for Indiana’s Lake Michigan beaches

Indiana proposes beach erosion control strategy

The Indiana Senate Committee on Natural Resources unanimously approved a plan to combat Lake Michigan beach erosion in northwest Indiana. The plan proposed by Sen. Karen Tallian would require sand that is removed from the Port of Indiana and is currently dumped offshore to be deposited on Lake Michigan beaches instead. Sen. Tallian’s plan, called Senate Bill 178, will move to the Indiana full Senate for approval next.  

Sen. Tallian argued depositing the sand directly on the beaches will provide a short-term solution to erosion and help replenish the shoreline, as reported by local news source the Citizen Tribune.

“We are in an emergency situation,” Sen. Tallian said. “We need this now.”

Indiana residents and officials worry the impact beach erosion could have on valuable tourism revenue. According to Portage Mayor James Snyder, local, state and federal groups are searching for a long-term solution.