Jul 31, 2019

Iowa Lake Restoration Project Aids in Erosion Control

The project is on schedule to be completed by next spring

The project is on schedule to be completed by next spring

Progress is being made on a restoration project at Hickory Grove Lake in Iowa. According to Ames Tribune, an assessment of the watershed showed high bacteria levels and soil sedimentation in the lake. This included erosion in the lake’s east basin. 

Hickory Grove Lake is a popular campground that operates from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The lake and it’s amenities needed an upgrade after the assessment’s discoveries.

The project includes draining and restoring the lake. According to the Ames Tribune, the lake was not meeting standards to support recreation classification. It was recently put on the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ “impaired waters” list. A study revealed that nearby landowners’ septic systems were draining into the lake’s watershed. Completing the preliminary projects on erosion control and contaminant removal from sewer systems will allow work on the project to begin this summer.

One piece is the installing a draw down pipe on the lake’s side. According to Ames Tribune, this includes cutting a notch in the current dam and building a new dam over the pipe

The conservation board talked about pumping the lake to remove most water during the project, Feilmeier said. 

“We’ve invested in a more permanent solution, for close to the same amount of money, and we are giving future managers the ability to easily drawn down the lake again if needed, without pumps,” said Luke Feilmeier, a park ranger with Story County Conservation,  said to Ames Tribune.

Feilmeier said the project’s work is on schedule to be completed by next spring.