Jan 16, 2018

New York Supports Nature-Based Erosion Control Solutions

The state released a guidance for living shoreline techniques, emphasizing natural erosion control solutions over hardened, man-made structures

New York moves towards nature-based erosion control systems

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) released a new guidance called "Living Shoreline Techniques in the Marine District of New York State." The guidance is part of a statewide push that emphasizes nature-based solutions to erosion control, according to a press release by the DEC.

Instead of building hardened structures such as sea walls and stone jetties, the DEC is moving towards nature-based erosion control solutions such as wetlands and marshes. The guidance outlines plans and provides advice to the public on incorporating living shorelines to improve water quality and reduce storm water risks. Additionally, the guidance explains practical aspects of developing living coastlines such as wetland/protection of water permits, maintenance and monitoring.

“Natural defences offer some of the best protection from coastal storms and incorporating nature-based solutions into the state’s coastal resiliency planning and construction projects protects our communities,” said DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos.

This continues with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to adapt New York to climate change, which was outlined in the Community Risk and Resiliency Act (CRRA) signed in 2014.