Jan 22, 2019

ODNR Updates Lake Erie Coastal Erosion Area Maps

The updated maps will inform future erosion mitigation efforts along the Lake Erie coast

Ohio releases coastal erosion control map
Ohio releases coastal erosion control map

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) released the final version of the Lake Erie Coastal Erosion Area Maps. The maps will be used to determine if a property is located in the designated coastal erosion area along Lake Erie.

According to The Daily Jeffersonian, the 2018 maps will replaced the previous maps which were last updated in 2010. ODNR is required to measure coastal erosion rates along the Lake Erie shoreline under the state’s coastal management law. The coastal erosion area represents a designated area of land predicted to erodie within a 30-year period if no effective erosion control measures are present.

Ohio’s section of Lake Erie has faced problems in recent years, as the Ohio EPA declared the western end of Lake Erie an impaired waterway due to toxic algae in March 2018. Regarding  coastal erosion, cities such as Mentor, Ohio, have turned to retaining walls to combat erosion along Mentor Beach park under an emergency measure. This past fall, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers embarked on a $1.3 million wetland restoration project covering 12 miles of coastal wetlands to mitigate erosion and cleanup storm water runoff. The updated erosion maps will serve to inform future erosion mitigation efforts.

The 2018 coastal erosion maps are available online using the ODNR Div. of Geological Survey’s interactive map viewer here.