Mar 01, 2018

Ohio Finds New Uses for Dredged Sediment

The sediment dredged from seven ports is being repurposed on construction sites and to develop wetlands

Sediment being repurposed in Ohio

The Ohio EPA has found ways to reuse sediment dredged from seven Lake Erie ports as an alternative to dumping the sediment back in the lake. Annually the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) dredges approximately 1.2 million tons of sediment from Ohio ports and redeposits it into Lake Erie, but with bans on the dumping to be implemented in summer 2020 the Ohio EPA was forced to find a solution.

The Ohio EPA has been testing alternative sediment reuse strategies in Cleveland, Ohio, and estimates that two-thirds of the sediment from that port that would have gone into the containment site are now being recycled, according to Jade Davis of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga Port Authority. Cleveland has been filtering the sediment and using it in road project as well as to fill the basements of abandoned home.

As the program expands, the Ohio EPA hopes to use the sediment to create lakefront wetlands near Toledo and in Sandusky Bay, as reported by ABC News. Additionally, the sediment will be used on farmlands, low-lying fields, construction sites, and even repurposed to be sold at nurseries.