Dec 11, 2018

Orange County, Calif., Installs Temporary Erosion Barrier

The riprap barrier will serve as a temporary erosion barrier for the California beach

California beach installs erosion control barrier
California beach installs erosion control barrier ahead of storm

Orange County Public Works installed more than 1,000 tons of rocks as a temporary erosion barrier on Capistrano Beach in Dana Point, Calif. The erosion barrier was rendered necessary following high tides that triggered a collapse of a wooden walkway, sea wall, palm trees and light fixtures.

According to The Orange County Register, the coastal damage also revealed old cars dumped on the beach and filled over with cement when the original sea wall was built. In order to build the rock wall, measuring approximately 24 to 26 in., the county filed an emergency permit with the California Coastal Commission.

“The priority is temporary stabilization at this point,” said Orange County Parks Spokeswoman Marisa O’Neil.

The erosion control measure was made all the more urgent due to a rain-filled forecast through the end of the week, with an expected surf at 3 to 4 ft and a 6 ft plus morning high tide forecast for Thursday.

While environmentalists and beach advocates appreciate the effort to protect the beach, they caution that sand erosion may be a continuing problem.

“When we get a true king tide and a swell, that will be trouble,” said Rick Erkeneff, director of the South Coast Surfrider Chapter. “We don’t want to have people believe that this was something out of the ordinary. This is the new normal.”