Apr 13, 2018

Parma Basin to Reduce Irrigation Equipment Sediment Clogs

Construction began April 6 on the Parma, Idaho, sediment control project

Sediment control in Parma, Idaho

On April 6, work began on the Parma Basin in Parma, Idaho. The basin will help reduce sediment flowing down the Farmers Cooperative Ditch Co. canal and limit sediment clogs in irrigation equipment, while contributing to downstream water quality. According to the Capital Press, water will enter the basin through the canal, flow into the basin for 2,000 ft and allow the sediment to settle before flowing sediment-free out of an outlet well. The project will provide significant benefits to farmers in the Parma region, including prolonged life of irrigation filters and sprinkles.

“These 4,000 acres will now be able to use drip-irrigation technologies,” said Bill Hartman, Farmers Cooperative board vice president.

Funding is provided by $500,000 in matching funds from NRCS, with contributions from Farmers Cooperative and Black Canyon irrigation districts; Southwest Idaho Resource and Development Council, the City of Parma; the Canyon Board of Commissioners; the Lower Boise Watershed Council; the Canyon County Soil Conservation District; and NRCS. The basin will total 8.8 acres upon completion this upcoming fall. In order to ensure the success of the project, the NRCS and Farmers Cooperative Ditch Co. will initiate a water quality monitoring program.