May 17, 2018

Scottish Seaside Town Selected For Erosion Control Study

The study, including seven other sites across the EU, will focus on utilizing nature-based erosion control solutions

Scottish seaside town chosen for EU erosion control study
Scottish seaside town chosen for EU erosion control study

The historic seaside town of Catterline, Scotland, has been selected as one of seven open-air labs across Europe to be included in a nature-based erosion control research project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 fund. The project will focus on eco-friendly erosion control techniques and seeks to find alternate solutions to grey infrastructure for coastal protection. The other sites involved in the project are in Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Greece. 

According to Scotland’s national newspaper, The Scotsman, the picturesque town of Catterline inspired the famed Scottish artist Joan Eardley. Now, the erosion control project seeks to maintain the coastal beauty that inspired Eardley’s work through nature-based solutions. Engineers from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) are working to create an action plan to protect the hamlet from erosion, flooding and rain-induced landslides.

The project plans to incorporate trees, reclaimed timber, debris and biodegradable material to protect the bay, as well as plant more trees as natural defenses, as reported by BBC News

“Everyone can work together on this. It will involve engineering interventions that mimic nature,” GCU Professor Rohinton Emmanuel said. “The solutions will be co-designed and co-deployed with the community. It’s civil engineering but it’s not grey, it’s not concrete. It’s using nature in a different way.