Oct 10, 2017

California Kicks Off Storm Water Awareness Week

Statewide event begins Oct. 9, features workshops

Storm Water Awareness Week starts Oct. 9

The sixth annual Storm Water Awareness Week kicked off Oct. 9 in California. This year’s theme is “on the road with storm water.”

“It’s a statewide event that we hold for the storm water community and that involves industrial facilities, municipalities, construction contractors and developers, and the general public, as well as regulatory agencies. So it reaches out to a broad spectrum of people who are concerned or regulated by the storm water regulations, both state and federal,” said John Teravskis of WGR Southwest, the consulting firm organizing the event.

This year’s event will include nearly 50 workshops all across the state stretching from as far south as San Diego and as far north as Sacramento. At least 10 of the workshops will be offered online so anyone in the state regardless of location will be able to participate. So far, 457 people have registered for workshops.

“It actually started during the recession when there weren’t a lot of dollars for training people, especially with municipalities,” Teravskis said. “We originally just did it in Lodi and the Central Valley but we were soon getting requests from Southern California and so the second year we opened it up to the state.”

“Right now a lot of the focus in the storm water world is municipalities and along with that goes pollution prevention for roadways and a big topic this year is trash,” Teravskis said.