Katie Johns is the managing editor of Storm Water Solutions. She can be reached at kjohns@sgcmail.com. 
Sep 07, 2021

Editorial Letter: Back to School - & Travel

This editorial letter originally appeared in SWS September 2021 as "Back to School - and Travel"

Katie Johns
Katie Johns, SWS managing editor

As I am writing this, it’s August 10, and I am in the middle of preparing for the inaugural Water Pavilion at The Utility Expo (formerly ICUEE). It feels like heading back to school. I always loved this time of year.  By the time August rolled around, I was ready to head back to school, and in a way, preparing for the Water Pavilion feels a lot like that.

The Water Pavilion and The Utility Expo will be my first in-person show since February 2019 when I attended the IECA Annual Conference in North Carolina. To say I am excited to get back on the show floor is an understatement. That IECA conference was only my third show in this industry. Having started in this position in September 2019, I didn’t have much in-person and travel time before COVID-19 sent us into lockdown. Those three shows gave me valuable insight into this industry, and I am eager for that again. The education and networking opportunities are irreplaceable, and I am ready to hit the ground running.

That being said, I do hope to see you all at the end of this month at the Water Pavilion, but if you can’t make it, know that SWS is committed to helping you continue your education. For the rest of the year, we have at least one webinar per month. These webinars are all free for your viewing and the majority are worth one PDH credit. You can find the latest information on estormwater.com/type/webinars. I also host our weekly video series, Dropping By, where I talk with professionals nearly every week about new projects and trends in the industry. All the videos can be viewed at bit.ly/swsDroppingBy.

And if webinars and videos aren’t your thing, we strive to bring you educational articles each month. We have two issues left this year – October and the November/December issue, which will highlight our 2021 Top Projects winners. And this issue, of course, is full of case studies from various manufacturers. I hope you’ll take the time to learn how various products and solutions are aiding in storm water and erosion control projects. As always, my inbox is open. Please reach out to me at kjohns@sgcmail.com. I am happy to connect.

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