Apr 24, 2020

Industry News: 4/24/20

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11th Hour Racing Awards $250k Grant to Support Imagine H2O’s Urban Water Challenge

Imagine H2O has created the 2020 Urban Water Challenge, an annual global competition to develop innovative ways to advance how we source, distribute, use and reuse water to build resilient communities.

“At a time when access to clean water is of critical importance for public health around the world, 11th Hour Racing is proud to announce its support of the Urban Water Challenge for the third consecutive year, as it works to accelerate water sustainability through innovation,” said the press release.

The 2020 Urban Water Challenge, an initiative of Imagine H2O, will spotlight urban water resilience in coastal communities and source additional deployments addressing water issues.

The Challenge provides entrepreneurs with early financial support and a network of strategic partners as they look to develop technologies focused on three main areas:

  • Storm water runoff and coastal resilience
  • Water reuse and recycling
  • Safe, clean drinking water

Applications for the 2020 Urban Water Challenge will be open to entrepreneurs through June 8, 2020. The finalists will be announced in mid-July, followed by an announcement of winners this fall, according to the press release. 

NCSPA Announces Winners of the 8th Annual Project of the Year Awards

The NCSPA held their 8th annual Project of the Year awards virtually earlier this month. Over 20 projects were submitted from different companies in 8 different categories. Projects ranged from pipe rehabilitation to mountainside bridges. The categories and winners are as follows, according to the press release:

CSP & Pipe Arch

This category focuses on projects that feature the use of corrugated steel pipe and plate products. The winner in this category was Contech Engineered Solutions with their Shiloh Road project.

The DOT category features projects that are done specifically for state departments of transportation. Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company won this category with their Arizona 202 – S. Mountain project.


The Rehabilitation category focuses on the rehabilitation of existing structures. Contech Engineered Solutions took this category with their Montana DOT I-94 Hysham project.

Structural Plate

This category focuses on projects that use corrugated steel plate products during their construction. Contech Engineered Solutions was crowned the winner in this category with their Chatfield Storage Reallocation project.


The Retention/Detention category is dedicated to projects that focus on using corrugated steel pipe/plate in stormwater retention/detention. Lane Enterprises took home the win in this category with their West Broad Village Eastern Edge Detention project.

Special Application

The Special Application category was made to feature the projects that showcase the use of CSP in new and unique ways, that do not fall into the other categories. TrueNorth Steel won this category with their Hallstrom Mini Storage project.

Going Green

The Going Green category was newly created this year and focuses on projects with a direct, positive impact on the environment surrounding it. The winner of this new category was Metal Culverts Inc. with their Middle Cedar Watershed Improvements project.


The Coatings category was also new this year. This category focused solely on the coatings placed onto the steel for durability. This is the only category where a company may win an additional award. 

The Coatings category features 3 separate winners for each of the main CSP coatings: Polymer, Aluminized Type 2 & Galvanized. 

Metal Culverts Inc.’s Middle Cedar Watershed Improvements project was crowned the winner in the Polymer subcategory, Lane Enterprises’ West Broad Village Eastern Edge Detention project took home the ALT2 subcategory win and Contech Engineered Solutions’ Captain William Henry Moore Bridge took home the Galvanized subcategory win.

Full project write-ups will be released on the NCSPA website in the coming weeks.

Ames Fire & Waterworks Introduces Deringer Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Ames Fire & Waterworks has introduced Deringer backflow preventers, featuring an all stainless steel body for superior corrosion resistance.

The Derringer backflow preventers offer the shortest lay length and lightest weight for cost-effective shipping and installation at the job site. Deringer also provides minimal head loss to ensure maximum possible water pressure after the backflow preventer.

According to the press release, further benefits include:

  • Large access port for improved serviceability
  • Ideal for tight spaces in mechanical rooms
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically (20 or 30 series only)
  • Ideal for lean installation teams
  • Fits tight project schedules; easier to ship and deliver to the job site where it can be
  • quickly installed.