Sep 14, 2012

Everyone Has Problems

The word “problem” comes from the Ancient Greek word for “obstacle,” which seems to indicate that the ancients had just as many concerns as we do today—even if their problems were of a different and more fundamental nature. A problem is a stumbling block, an issue that needs to be overcome before we can call it a day. Problems can range in breadth and scope—from a splinter in the finger to coming up millions short in a budget—and often are judged subjectively, based on who or what is affected.

We tend to think of the concept of “having a problem” in a negative connotation—and certainly there are plenty of instances in which that is true, especially given our current political and economic climate. But many of us in the storm water and erosion control industry tend to view problems not just as a hindrance, but also as a challenge to be taken on and resolved.

There are plenty of problems facing our industry right now, including how to comply with regulations, how to finance operations and management, how to get the best products in the most cost-effective ways and how to become more sustainable while staying productive. However, there are also many solutions, and lots of ingenuity and moxie out there as well. We need to have faith that superb products and services, combined with creativity, can solve any problem we might encounter.

This year, Storm Water Solutions is proud to introduce its Annual Case Book, an issue entirely devoted to case study articles that present problems and their subsequent solutions. We hope that this issue will inspire you to seek unconventional answers to any challenges that your organization or facility might face.

Has your facility or organization tackled a problem that was resolved by a clever solution? Email us at [email protected] and share your experience.

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