Mary Beth Nevulis is the managing editor of Storm Water Solutions. Nevulis can be reached at [email protected]
May 29, 2012

Finding Funding

A new report from the Urban Land Institute has highlighted what we in the storm water and erosion control industry have known for a long time: There has been a global decline in infrastructure funding, despite a serious need to update aging structures and invest in new ones.

Viable infrastructure is essential for cities and states to run smoothly. We need to get creative in order to overcome fiscal woes, and the report, titled, “Infrastructure 2012: Spotlight on Leadership,” shows that local governments are beginning to use strategies like public-private partnerships and increased taxes or fees to fund critical infrastructure building.

Do you work for a utility or municipality that has seen infrastructure funding cuts? How has this been handled—or has it not been dealt with yet? Please e-mail me with your thoughts.