Jul 18, 2019

Canadian City Floods Due to Overwhelmed Drainage System

Several cars were stuck in flooded street underpasses

Several cars were stuck in flooded street underpasses

The city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, flooded July 16. According to Regina Leader-Post, the city received more than an inch of rain in less than an hour. The storm occurred around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday and inundated the city in approximately 1.4 in. of rain.

Approximately 30 mm of rain hit in less than an hour, according to Regina Leader-Post. Pat Wilson, director of water, waste and environmental services for the city of Regina, said some parts of the city saw around 40 mm in rain that day.

Several cars were trapped in the flooded street underpasses. Emergency crews blocked off underpasses and tow trucks came to haul vehicles away, according to Regina Leader-Post

“That amount of rain coming that fast did overwhelm our storm drainage system and we did see water on the streets,” Wilson told the Regina Leader-Post. “There’s always going to be a large enough storm to overwhelm almost any system. Right now, we still have work to do on those systems to bring them up to a level that we’d like them to be at.”

Multiple underpasses flooded, except for the Victoria Avenue underpass. It was safe because of a water detention pond installed a few years back. According to the Regina Leader-Post, one flooded underpass on Albert Street has work planned for 2021, but now the area would be a more complicated fix than before. 

“Anytime you’re dealing with water, if you don’t know absolutely for sure how deep it is and what’s in it, then the best choice is to stay out of it,” Wilson said.