May 07, 2020

Chicago Suburb Begins $9 Million Storm Water Project

Mundelein is beginning a storm water project to tackle flooding 

storm water

A $9 million flood-control project in Mundelein should begin within 42 days, according to officials.

Approximately 1 mile of new sewer pipes will be installed beneath Division Street to take storm water away from the Western Slope neighborhood. This neighborhood has experienced severe floods after major rain storms for decades, reported the Daily Herald.

Culverts on Route 45 and Seymour Avenue will be replaced and a storm water detention pond will be created as well. 

The village board recently approved a $6.9 million contract with Campanella & Sons for the work and an approximately $813,000 contract with HR Green Inc. to inspect the work and ensure it complies with the village's plans.

The remainder of the project's estimated total cost is about $1.3 million, reported the Daily Herald. This will be used to create a park elsewhere on the former U.S. Music property, according to Village Administrator John Lobaito.

The storm water project was originally developed after heavy rains caused flooding in several neighborhoods in July 2017 and damaged several homes. According to the Daily Herald, after this flooding, Western Slope residents urged officials to fix the problem.

The village's storm water system is not big enough to handle heavy storms, according to HR Green. They also found rainwater entering the town's sanitary sewers through cracks in pipes and improper customer hookups, which also resulted in sewage backups in some houses during the storm in 2017.

More than 2,000 feet of the bigger pipes will be added to Mundelein's sewer system, according to the Daily Herald.

The work should be completed in fall 2021.

Mundelein will borrow money to pay for the project and revenue from a storm water utility fee on water bills and a 3% tax on packaged liquor sales will be used to pay back the loan over 15 years.

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