Nov 21, 2018

Construction Begins on Flood Control Project in Midlothian, Ill.

The $7.6 million project will mitigate flood risks in the Chicago suburb

Flood control work begins in Chicago suburb
Flood control work begins in Chicago suburb

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC) began construction on a $7.6 million flood control project on Natalie Creek in Midlothian, Ill. The project is expected to ease flooding concerns along the flood-prone creek.

Flood control work will include enlarging culverts that restrict water flow and widening the channel, as reported by The Chicago Tribune. Additionally, an existing storm water detention pond at 149th St. and Kilpatrick Ave. will be enlarged, and a new detention basin near 147th St. and Kostner Ave. will be built.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place Nov. 19 in Midlothian, just feet away from Natalie Creek. Efforts to receive funding were spearheaded by a community group dubbed the “Floodlothian Five,” who advocated for flood control measures following a series of property damaging floods in the suburbs. One resident, Helen Lekavich, faced nine floods over a period of 13 weeks without even living in a designated floodplain.

“We are tackling a changing climate head-on and preparing future generations for the challenges that come with excess storm water,” said MWRDGC President Mariyana Spyropoulos.

Work on the flood control project is expected to be completed in 2020.