Mar 04, 2020

Duplex™-G Larvicide: Mosquito Control Made for You

Duplex™-G larvicide combines a bio-rational control agent and a biological control agent in a solid form.
Duplex™-G larvicide combines a bio-rational control agent and a biological control agent in a solid form.

Every mosquito control program is different. That’s why Central Life Sciences has crafted product lineups that fit every customer need. When it comes to protecting communities, choose a product that’s tailored to you. The latest product to join this lineup of innovative technology is Duplex™-G Larvicide, a granular mosquito control solution, featuring a unique combination of biorational and biological control agents in an extended residual formulation. With two modes of action in a single product, Duplex™-G larvicide provides quick knockdown of existing larvae and long-term control of additional broods. The (S)-methoprene granule core is designed for controlled release over a 28-day period, when continually flooded. The outer shell contains layers of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) that are only activated when wet via “Active Boost Release Technology.” The granule may be applied as a pre-flood treatment, increasing the versatility of the product. Ideal for resistance management, benefits of Duplex™-G Larvicide include:

1. Quick Kill: Dead larvae within 24-72 hours
2. Long Residual: Larvae control up to 28 days with continuous flooding
3. Consistent Granular Size: Calibration ease and normalized swath characterization for ground and aerial application equipment
4. Heavy Granule: High bulk density allows for habitat penetration and no-drift applications, on-target delivery to mosquito breeding habitats
5. Pre-Flood Treatments: Mosquito breeding habitats can be treated before water inundation from planned irrigation, snowmelt and rain fall

Our founders pioneered an entire class of mosquito control products driven by a mission to provide effective and innovative solutions that protect public health with consideration for the environment. After almost 50 years, these principles continue to guide Central Life Sciences and our commitment is unwavering.


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