Apr 03, 2017

EPA Releases Route to Resilience Tool

Tool educates on resilience to weather hazards

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the Route to Resilience (RtoR) tool that will help small- and medium-sized drinking water and wastewater utilities learn more about becoming resilient to all-hazards, such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and contamination incidents. The interactive desktop application guides utilities through five stops along the Route to Resilience—Assess, Plan, Train, Respond and Recover. RtoR also provides utilities with a custom report that highlights products and tools that will help utilities on their path to resilience. 

Maintaining and repairing aging drinking water infrastructure remains a significant challenge for the water sector. Utilities must be able to increase their readiness and resilience to potential all-hazard incidents and adapt to future hazards that may impact their ability to provide safe and clean drinking water.

To download the tool, visit www.epa.gov/waterresilience/route-resilience-drinking-water-and-wastewater-utilities.