Aug 08, 2018

Harris County Releases List of 237 Potential Flood Control Projects

Voting for the $2.5 billion flood infrastructure bond proposal begins Aug. 8

Houston set to vote on $2.5 billion flood control bond proposal
Houston set to vote on $2.5 billion flood control bond proposal

The Harris County Flood Control District released a list of projects to be funded by the county’s $2.5 billion flood infrastructure bond proposal. The list covers 237 potential flood control projects for Harris County, Texas, and if the bond is approved would mark the county’s largest local investment in flood infrastructure.

In the proposed flood infrastructure bond proposal, $1.2 billion is earmarked for channel improvements, $401 million for detention basins and $242 million for floodplain-land acquisition, as reported by the Associated Press. While the approved bond would increase property taxes by 2 to 3 cents per $100 assessed home value, most Harris County voters support the measures. Research by the University of Houston found that 62% of residents who said that they are certain to vote will support the bond.

Matt Zeve, the flood control district’s operations director, told the Houston Chronicle that the majority of projects will target issues that engineers have known about for years, but lacked the necessary funding.

“It’s always been ok, how do we afford to solve these problems?” Zeve said. “With the bond, we’ll have funds to solve some of these drainage and flooding issues.”

Voting begins Aug. 8 and concludes Aug. 25, the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall.