Aug 23, 2017

Kansas City Residents Blame QuikTrip for Flooding

Changes to QuikTrip property allegedly impact flow of floodwaters

Kansas City experiences flooding

Kansas City, Mo., residents blamed the local QuikTrip establishment for a rise in flooding in the area, particularly near Indian Creek. Though the area has experienced heavy rainfall, residents allege that because the QuikTrip raised its property, it increased flooding in the area. Many residents have lost their homes, cars and belongings.

“Before QuikTrip raised their property, it had not flooded,” said Jacque Lancaster, a local homeowner. “From day one, we fought it all the way through court; we knew this was going to happen. They were allowed to put up a berm to protect them, to slant their yard so the water came to us. We fought as much as homeowners and a neighborhood can. Everyone was against it except for the city who saw money from QuikTrip.”

According to the city, this year Kansas City voters approved a 20-year program to fund infrastructure repairs that includes many flood control projects. Indian Creek flood control is on the list for future improvements, and the successful bond election could speed up the process.