Jul 02, 2018

Las Vegas Plans $11.16 Million Storm Drain Project

The flood control district plans to expand storm drains into the expanding area of North Las Vegas

Las Vegas plans to expand storm drain system
Las Vegas plans to expand storm drain system

The Las Vegas Flood Control District announced plans to build an $11.16 million storm drain in North Las Vegas. The drains will be a part of a larger system that captures rainfall and brings it underground to Lake Mead in an effort to mitigate flooding. 

Currently, 19 projects are underway including the newly announced project along Hollywood Boulevard between Centennial Parkway and Las Vegas Boulevard, which will be completed by TAB Contractors. The project is slated to be completed by 2019 and designs are underway for a second phase that would extend the storm drain system east to Nellis Air Force Base, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal

The storm drains are an effort to mitigate flooding that becomes a risk during monsoon season. Steve Parrish, the district’s chief engineers, takes the district’s role seriously.

“The first part of our mission is to keep floods away from people,” Parrish said. “We do that by building detention basins and channels and storm drains, box culverts like you see here, capture the rainfall and convey it safely through Las Vegas. The second part of our mission is to keep people away from floods.”