Aug 24, 2017

Redmond, Wash., Reduces Flooding

Flood Reduction Grant funding helps manage storm water, flooding

Redmond, Wash., controls flooding

The King County Flood Control District (FCD) Board of Supervisors gave its unanimous approval for funding to reduce flooding on property in Redmond, Wash.

“I am pleased the Flood Control District will support Redmond’s project at Overlake Station Village,” said Flood Control District Supervisor Claudia Balducci. “In this rapidly developing area, the grant will help the city better manage storm water and control urban flooding, which are part of the Flood District’s mission.”

The $400,000 Flood Reduction Grant will support the retrofit of the 4.4-acre Overlake Station Infiltration Vault, which helps manage storm water and reduce the impact of flooding from Bellevue’s Valley Creek. The flooding from the Creek impacts the arterials around the Overlake neighborhood. Earlier this year, the project also was awarded $100,000 in WaterWorks grants provided by King County for investments that support clean water all over the region. Balducci also serves as a King County Council member.

“Redmond thanks the Flood Control District this funding,” stated Mayor John Marchione. “Together with city utility funds, this storm water infiltration vault and associated treatment facilities will improve water quality in Redmond, as well as Bellevue’s Kelsey Creek and help reduce flooding in the streets of Bellevue.”

The Flood Reduction Grant program is in its fifth year and was originally created to help jurisdictions, school districts, and homeowners associations deal with flooding problems not caused by the major rivers in King County.