Jun 17, 2019

South Carolina Town Hosts Flood Cleanup Day

The South Carolina Floodwater Commission hires Woolpert to evaluate flooding issues

The South Carolina Floodwater Commission hires Woolpert to evaluate flooding issues

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster and the South Carolina Floodwater Commission (SCFC) are set to host Nichols Cleanup Day last Saturday, June 15. According to Woolpert, the event also will serve as the group’s quarterly meeting.

McMaster founded the SCFC in October 2018. According to Woolpert, it provides a platform for the state to address and alleviate flooding throughout the state. The event also supports the SCFC’s Infrastructure and Shoreline Armoring Task Force which highlights the need to maintain and improve drainage systems in these flooding events.

“We’re honored and overwhelmed by the support from the governor, the Commission and all of the anticipated volunteers,” said Sandee Rogers, Nichols Town administrator to Woolpert. “The floods that wreaked havoc in Nichols have repeatedly hit small towns throughout our beautiful state. The work that Gov. McMaster and this group are doing can only benefit our residents and illustrate how efforts like these can help mitigate future destruction and protect millions.”

According to Woolpert, “floods from Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 submerged the town under 4 to 6 ft of water and displaced 95% of its residents.” Then, in September 2018, Hurricane Florence hit and hurt the town’s recovery efforts even more.

In 2019, the town secured Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help with recovery efforts. According to Woolpert, the town contracted with them in March to help evaluate problems and mitigation opportunities “by collecting data, providing modeling and analysis, and incorporating town input.”

“With the crushing events of the last few years, it was hard for our small town to sustain hope at times,” Rogers said to Woolpert. “But thanks to the efforts of so many, we are beginning to see daylight.”