Sep 11, 2018

Wisconsin Faces $209 Million in Flood Damage

Following a string of heavy storms, Wisconsin faces extensive flood damage

Recent storms have resulted in extensive flood damages for Wisconsin
Recent storms have resulted in extensive flood damages for Wisconsin

Recent storms and flooding in Wisconsin that began Aug. 17 have caused at least $208.7 million in damage, including $98.2 million in damage to homes, $40,8 million in damage to businesses and $69.6 million to public infrastructure, according to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Emergency officials expect this total to continue to increase, as storms continue to move across the state and communities address existing damage.

While most of southern Wisconsin has been affected by the flooding, Dane County has received the worst damage. The county has suffered approximately $155 million in storm-related damages and about 1,540 residences have been affected, according to the Associated Press.

The state’s historic flooding led to school closures in central and southern Wisconsin. Even after the rainfall slowed, flooded areas continued to feel the impacts of the storms. The Baraboo River reached major flood stage and highway lane closures were reported throughout the state. Members of the Wisconsin National Guard completed sandbagging along I-90.94 and I-39 in Columbia County, as reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

In the wake of the floods, Amy Hasenberg, spokeswoman for Gov. Walker, said that surveyors will conduct a statewide damage assessment to determine if a petition for a federal disaster declaration is necessary.