Aug 30, 2013

Florida Park Project Wins Brick In Architecture Awards

Sutton Park in Palmetto, Fla., won Gold in the Paving & Landscape Architecture category

Pine Hall Brick Sutton Park BMP Permeable Paver Brick In Architecture Awards

Pine Hall Brick had its StormPave permeable paver chosen for a project that won the Brick in Architecture Gold Award from the Brick Industry Assn. (BIA), a national trade group.

Sutton Park, a community park in Palmetto, Fla., won in the Paving & Landscape Architecture category. The project incorporated green construction materials and techniques to build a community park that's fast becoming the town's centerpiece.

The award recognizes architecture firm Moore2Design LLC, landscape architect Allison-Gause, builder Stellar Development, brick manufacturer Pine Hall Brick Co., distributor Ruck Brothers/Oldcastle Coastal and mason contractor Timo Brothers Paving.

This year, the Brick in Architecture Awards recognized design excellence in projects across 21 states. Many included green building practices that have earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ratings.

"Fired clay brick offers unmatched style and substance," said BIA President and CEO Gregg Borchelt, P.E. "It offers the aesthetic flexibility to match the architect's imagination and desires, along with sustainable design, unmatched durability and many benefits from its physical properties."

Ted Corvey, vice president of sales and marketing for Pine Hall Brick Co., said the award from the Brick Industry Association reflects on the project's design, the beauty and durability of the materials that were chosen and the skill of the craftsmen who built the park.

"The real winners are the townspeople in Palmetto, Fla., who have the opportunity to enjoy a great public space where they can spend time with family and friends," said Corvey.

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