ForecastWatch Names Most Accurate Weather Provider

Schneider Electric leads in accurate weather forecasts for seventh straight year Schneider Electric Most Accurate Weather Provider, an analyst of predictions and outcomes in the weather industry, named Schneider Electric the most accurate provider of precipitation and short-term temperature forecasts for the seventh straight year. The study, based on weather conditions forecast 24 hours a day over 12 months, found that Schneider Electric had the lowest rate of forecast error over all seven competitors.

Why are accurate forecasts so important to utilities?

  • Weather conditions are the main predictor of demand
  • Weather is also the primary cause of outages
  • A day’s maximum temperature can occur at any time, inside or outside of business hours
  • Accuracy is needed 24/7/365

Schneider Electric also leads in accuracy of probability of precipitation forecasts over all four competitors who provide similar forecasting. The extreme weather conditions this winter has made this information more critical than ever to public works departments and DOTs. These customers rely on accurate precipitation forecasts to determine pre-treatment of roads and keep traffic systems running smoothly.

Schneider Electric continues challenge itself to improve its top-rated forecasts. Recent advancements will improve both short-term forecasts and those for day three and beyond. These improvements ensure that customers will have the most accurate forecasts in the industry to make mission-critical decisions.


Schneider Electric

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