Dec 16, 2014

Fracking Water Reuse Project Launched in Texas

The reuse system removes oil, grease & suspended solids from produced water

Purestream Services, water treatment, water reuse, industrial runoff

A 5,000-barrel-per-day commercial water treatment system is treating produced and frac water for a large producer near Midland, Texas, in the Permian Basin.

The system removes oil, grease and suspended solids to below 5 parts per million from produced and frac water, allowing for reuse in the field.

Purestream Services has been contracted to treat the wastewater at a centralized water treatment facility that services a series of wells operated by the producer. Treated water processed by the system will be reused as part of the company's integrated water resource conservation effort.

Producers in the Permian Basin treat and reuse produced and frac flowback water nearer to the source of the production. Treatment and reuse is a viable and economic alternative to traditional methods of trucking the wastewater long distances and disposing the wastewater in saltwater injection wells.

In addition, Purestream's IGF Plus is an effective tool for freshwater conservation. As the drought continues to impact the availability of fresh water in Texas, producers are also able to conserve fresh water requirements by reusing treated water in the field.

Purestream Services is contracted to provide an additional four IGF Plus systems for other producers near Midland, Texas in the first quarter of 2015.