Amy McIntosh is the managing editor of Storm Water Solutions. McIntosh can be reached at [email protected]
Oct 18, 2016

Free Webinar Today—Don't Miss Out

Selecting structural BMPs for industrial and commercial properties can be tricky. Regulatory demands, site conditions, and costs all impact the choices property owners must make. Luckily, today’s free webinar will focus on identifying, evaluating and selecting BMPs for pollutant removal on these sites.

Ryan Janoch, founder of Mapistry, and Tom Ferguson, vice president of programming for Imagine H2O, will present, “Picking Structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Treating Storm Water: Sediment, Oil & Grease, & Metals Removals” from 2 to 3 p.m. EST. Participants will earn one Professional Development Hour for attending this free webinar.

Technical considerations will be discussed, including sizing and removal efficiencies under a variety of site conditions and the presence of potential pollutants. Drawing on his experience developing testing protocols and evaluating BMPs under laboratory and field conditions, Janoch will dive into the details of structural BMP performance and evaluation.

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