Oct 01, 2010

Fresh Creek Technologies Installs 200th TrashTrap System

Netting system removes trash and floatables from waterways

Fresh Creek Technologies Inc. announced that it installed its 200th operating Netting TrashTrap System in Long Beach, Calif.
The application brings the total to 600 nets in operation collecting and removing more than 4.5 million lb of trash and floatables each year. Other installation locations include the Anacostia River, Baltimore Harbor, Cleveland, New Jersey and Los Angeles.
“This is a real milestone for us,” said Walter Trnka, president of Fresh Creek Technologies. “For nearly 18 years we have been delivering exceptional solutions to cities all over the U.S. and Canada that help mitigate water pollution and improve our nation’s waterways. We have projects on the board and in engineering that will help us pass this 200th application before the end of the year.”
Fresh Creek Technologies’ products and services are applied to treat storm water, run off and combined sewer overflows (CSO) to remove gross waterborne pollutants such as trash and floatables. Fresh Creek’s Netting TrashTrap technology is included in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency storm water and CSO best management practices guidance documents.