Apr 14, 2020

Pennsylvania Township Gives Storm Water Fee Approval

Lower Swatara Township has given final approval to a $7 monthly storm water fee

storm water

Lower Swatara Township’s storm water fee is officially in place.

The Pennsylvania township municipal authority unanimously approved three documents during a special meeting, but the documents may still need to be officially signed by township leaders, reported Press & Journal.

The fee will not go into place until Sept. 1 for bills beginning in October.

Lower Swatara’s commissioners and members of the municipal authority have discussed implementing a storm water fee that will fund its storm water program for months.

The fee is not a tax, since tax-exempt properties will have to pay it.

November 2019, the commissioners and municipal authority members agreed on a $7 monthly fee for residential properties, reported Press & Journal. For commercial properties, the fee would depend on how many equivalent residential units it has. 

One ERU, which is 3,750 square feet of impervious area, carries a $7 fee.

The three approved documents are: a management agreement for the municipal authority to own the storm sewer system, but for the township to manage it; a resolution adopting the fee; and a credit policy.

Credits to reduce the monthly fee are only available to non-residential properties, according to the policy. Additionally, a 30% credit is the maximum that can be awarded unless it is a storm water partnership credit.

The partnership, one of four types of credits, is for property owners who have an idea for a storm water project.

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