Nov 23, 2010

GGLO Earns Recognition for Portland, Ore., Green Roof Project

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities will present excellence award in December

GGLO earned recognition as one of the best in North American green roof design for its work on the ASA Flats + Lofts in Portland, Ore. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities will present GGLO with its 2010 Award of Excellence in the Intensive Residential category at CitiesAlive: 8th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference and Tradeshow in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on Dec. 2.

Drawing its inspiration from the surrounding context of warehouse loading docks and the concrete and steel of Portland’s Pearl District, ASA Flats + Lofts and its sister building, the Lovejoy, cover two full city blocks. Through the city of Portland’s incentive floor area ratio bonus, given when green roofs are installed and cover a large percentage of the building, the ASA building was able to include one additional residential floor.

"We designed the spaces at ASA to be flexible–programmed for gathering and human interaction–to instill a sense of community in a very urban location. The forms were inspired by the site’s history and industrial character, yet rendered to encourage that interaction," said Marieke Lacasse, project landscape architect.

Above retail and parking, 5,413 sq ft of green roof opens up to a common space lined by a residential tower and lofts, and is complete with sitting terrace, community gardens and potting bench, compost bins and rainwater collection. The planting palette is complex, rich and diverse, but also sustainable—low maintenance, drought-tolerant and high in production of flowers, fruits and nuts. The intent was to encourage use by humans as well as birds, butterflies and bees, with the aim of building a stronger ecosystem and encouraging food production and pollination.

“The ASA green roofs are excellent example of urban sustainable ecosystems combined with a focus on creating community interaction,” said Steven Peck, president and founder of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. “From veggie gardens to a fire pit, these green roofs cultivate people-friendly spaces throughout its elegant design.”