Nov 09, 2015

Global Water Summit 2016

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Founded in 2006, the Global Water Summit is an event for the water sector. Not only does the event assemble more top corporate executives and water leaders than any other event, it also acknowledges the intrinsic connection between water and money and sets out to revolutionize the role of water in the global economy.

Today utility leaders, government ministers and corporate CEOs recognize that providing a sustainable water supply to the world’s businesses and communities is going to require high level capital investment that cannot be funded by public subsidy alone. The Global Water Summit explores the fundamental role that water plays in our economies and sets out to change the way water is financed.

The summit is a major annual business meeting for the water industry. As a global platform for connecting the public and private sector and for accelerating change and innovation within the sector, it attracts the most influential industry representatives and also becomes a forum for business development and expanding your network.