Jan 19, 2016

Great Plains LID Research & Innovation Symposium

Omaha, NE

The Great Plains LID Research & Innovation Symposium (GPRIS) will be held March 7 to 9, 2016 at the University of Nebraska Omaha’s Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

The following tracks will be offered at the conference:

  • Research: Presentations on field, laboratory, and modeling of LID applications addressing current practice, innovative new solutions, current or future initiatives and other creative concepts;
  • Applied: Includes practical and innovative applications of LID. Completed and proposed designs of LID, including the engineering, architectural, and design aspects. Practical applications along with cost comparisons will be discussed; and
  • Policy: Discussion of existing and proposed solutions related to LID regulation, implementation, education and roadblocks.

GPRIS was created to expose decision makers, professional designers, developers, citizens and others to the full range of regional LID practices available today. Attendees can then return to their communities and encourage the adoption of LID principles through public education, necessary changes in zoning codes to improve LID utilization, and technical support for their successful implementation relative to regional soils and climatic challenges. The GPRIS strives to foster creativity in sustainable development, wider understanding and acceptance of LID within the regulatory structure that guides development, and broader acceptance of interdisciplinary design approaches that are critical to successful LID implementation.