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Sacramento, Calif., plaza incorporates low-profile drainage system

The new Golden 1 Center Plaza at the Golden 1 Center arena in Sacramento, Calif., opened in October 2016 and reflects the feel of the city, complete with an indoor-outdoor concept using large foldout doors, an outdoor terrace and a plaza with restaurants and shops expected to be developed at a later date. The exterior of the building was designed to pay tribute to the city with rounded aluminum that features a “Million Trees” pattern (a tie to Sacramento) and a base of Sierra limestone to express the local mountains.

Architects and engineers from AECOM designed the facility with a focus on sustainability with a targeted LEED Gold certification. The arena is the first to be powered 100% by solar, recycled aluminum and Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood, and it is the most energy-efficient building to host a National Basketball Assn. team. The venue also features a 45% reduction in water use over the stringent California code.

“Golden 1 Center is the first of a new generation of sports arenas, setting a new global standard for sustainable design and performance,” said Justin Zeulner, executive director of the Green Sports Alliance. “We’re proud to see AECOM, a member of Green Sports Alliance, realize this achievement.”

The Solution

When designing the walkways and building entrance areas, it was important to address the need for proper drainage on the site so that excess surface water would not create a hazard to pedestrian traffic or deteriorate the site materials. The drainage system needed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, and AECOM wanted it to be minimalistic in appearance but still be able to handle the evacuation of the surface water.

ACO Brickslot was a suitable choice to meet these demands with its ½-in. (12-mm), easy to clean smooth slot. While it is designed for use with pavers, it is also suitable for use with other pavement surfaces, such as concrete, as seen at the Golden 1 Center Plaza. The Brickslot top was used with the ACO KlassikDrain K100 4-in.-wide general-purpose trench drain system, which offers easy installation with pre-sloped modular channels made from durable polymer concrete. The built-in 0.5% slope and developed “v” shape profile of the channel ensures efficient hydraulic capacity in the system.

ACO Brickslot with access cover at Golden 1 Center Plaza.

With more than 1,600 linear feet of ACO Brickslot at the Golden 1 Center Plaza, access for maintenance on the drainage system was important to address. An access cover is available and typically used on an inline catch basin. The access unit provides the same discreet slot as the Brickslot top and can be removed for full access to the channel.

The ACO Brickslot system is available in 16-gauge galvanized steel or grade-304 stainless steel, and in half- or full-meter sections. Multiple slot configurations are now available, including a heel-resistant double-slot version and a Twinslot version for use on ACO’s K200 8-in.-wide trench drain, for when increased hydraulic capacity is needed. All of ACO’s grate options and designs can be configured online with the new Grates & Pavement Visualizer at

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