Apr 01, 2021

2021 SWS Webinar Fest Series: Green Infrastructure

The SWS Webinar Series will continue April 22 with two webinars covering green infrastructure 

Storm Water Solutions green infrastructure webinar

The SWS Webinar series will continue April 22 with two webinars on green infrastructure.

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Natural and Historic Patterns of Landscape and Hydrology for Site Planning and Green Infrastructure

Thursday, April 22 at 12 ET/11 CT
A live Q&A session will immediately follow the presentation

This presentation reviews various site planning and design techniques, approaches, principles, successes, pitfalls and roadblocks to designing, preserving and establishing the native landscape and how those landscapes can integrate with designed environments. Based on the presenter’s philosophy that Nature Ignores Design That Ignores Nature, the historical natural patterns of hydrology and landscape will be reviewed and compared to impacted, manmade, designed and manipulated patterns of hydrology and landscape.


Tom Mortensen, PLA, ASLA; Site Planner / Landscape Architect
Tom Mortensen has over 35 years of experience in site design, landscape architecture and related design and construction professions. Tom has expertise in site planning, urban spaces, park and public open space design, memorials / public plazas, retail developments, restoration plans and integrated storm water management / green infrastructure. He has worked on design projects for US Forest Service, National Park Service, Boy Scouts of America, Native American Tribes and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Tom has given presentations throughout the region at various conferences and events on topics pertaining to site design, master planning, rainfall integration / green infrastructure, water quality and site development. Since 2011, he has been teaching a class at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education in the Water Technology Certification program on the topic of green infrastructure and using native landscape and site design for more resilient management of rainfall on sites.


Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Funding – A Real Need

Thursday, April 22 at 2 ET/1 CT
A live Q&A session will immediately follow the presentation

Bridging the gap between stormwater and green infrastructure needs and funding can be a significant hurdle for utilities and municipalities. Arcadis’ Fernando Pasquel and Mark Van Auken will discuss this gap informed by WEF’s 2020 MS4 Survey and share a variety of financing strategies. They will also share best practices and lessons learned from implementing these funding strategies on stormwater programs, the process for conducting program evaluations for existing stormwater fees and provide an update on the EPA’s Stormwater Financing Task Force report.


Fernando Pasquel
Senior Vice President, National Director, Stormwater & Watershed Management Arcadis

Fernando is a Water Resources Manager with 35 years of experience developing and implementing stormwater and green infrastructure programs. He has assisted several municipalities with implementation of stormwater utilities and alternative funding mechanisms, compliance with MS4 permits and TMDL requirements, and development of program effectiveness indicators.

Fernando has coauthored green infrastructure/BMP manuals in several states and has conducted training workshops covering all aspects of funding, planning, designing, and maintaining urban stormwater controls. He was also a contributing author for two Water Environment Federation (WEF) publications: User-Fee Funded Stormwater Programs (2013) and Green Infrastructure Implementation (2014), Financing Strategies Chapter. He currently serves as Chair of the Advisory Committee of WEF’s Stormwater Institute. Fernando received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Mark Van Auken
Principal Water Resources Engineer, Stormwater Practice Lead Arcadis

Mark has 30 years of experience, including storm water expertise in funding/utility development, master planning, flow monitoring, sampling, modeling, permitting, design, analysis and management. Mark has led NPDES Storm Water Phase I and II permitting-related projects for 19 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) communities in seven states. He served as technical consultant for development of storm water utilities in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Ohio. He is an Envision Sustainability Professional and provides oversight on sustainability options for stormwater and green infrastructure projects.

Mark serves as Co-Chair of WEF’s Stormwater Innovation Sub-Committee of the Stormwater Committee. Mark also serves as Storm Water Community of Practice Leader for Arcadis, where he helps develop and lead municipal storm water work. Mark has a BS in Civil Engineering from Michigan State University and is a registered Professional Engineer in several states.


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