Green Roof System Installed on Empire State Building

Four Xero Flor Green Roofs completed on the architectural landmark in New York City

Xero Flor Empire State Building New York City Green Roof

Xero Flor America’s (XFA) Xero Flor Green Roof System has been installed on the Empire State Building, the World’s Most Famous Office Building. The Xero Flor system was selected for four green roofs: 21st floor east (3,450 sq ft), 21st floor west (3,450 sq ft), 25th floor northwest (1,000 sq ft) and 30th floor west (1,200 sq ft). The green roofs on the 21st floor feature rooftop patios with outdoor furniture for the enjoyment of office tenants.

“With the completion of the green roofs on the Empire State Building and Javits Center, 85 Xero Flor green roofs will cover approximately 530,000 sq ft of rooftops across New York City,” said Clayton Rugh, Ph.D., general manager and technical director, Xero Flor America (XFA). “The green roofs decrease storm water run-off and improve water quality in New York’s waterways, moderate the urban heat island effect, filter dust and other air pollutants, and store carbon dioxide and other forms of carbon to reduce greenhouse gases.”

Xero Flor is an extensive green roof system. It features lightweight, pre-vegetated mats that utilize a patented, textile-based design engineered in Germany and refined over more than 40 years of successful installations. Xero Flor has been proven in Europe and around the world on tens of thousands of rooftops covering hundreds of millions of square feet. Xero Flor America has installed the system in 38 states since 2002. All system components for projects in the U.S. are 100% American-made. Xero Flor America grows its green roof plants at independently owned local farms. The mats, which roll out like sod, are delivered with extensive vegetative coverage for instant green roofs with a diversity of mature, full-grown plants adapted to specific regional climates.

Xero Flor America

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