Feb 27, 2014

Green Roof System Selected for New York Apartments

Xero Flor green roof offers a view of green space for residents in the Bronx, N.Y.

Xero Flor America Green Roof System Findlay Teller Apartments Bronx New York

Xero Flor America’s Xero Flor Green Roof System was installed at the Findlay Teller Apartments, Bronx, N.Y. Findlay Teller provides subsidized, affordable housing for low-income seniors. Completed in September 2013, the 9,925-sq-ft green roof is one of the renovated apartments’ green building elements.

Maspeth Roofing & Contracting, Maspeth, N.Y., the roofing contractor for the project, recommended the Xero Flor system.

The Xero Flor system is an extensive green roof assembly with lightweight, pre-vegetated mats, delivered with well-developed, mature plants. They roll out like sod for ease of installation. The system is based on a time-tested design originally developed in Germany. In Xero Flor mats, the plants and a layer of engineered growing medium are grown together on a durable geosynthetic textile carrier. All system components for installations in the U.S. are 100% American-made.

Xero Flor has been proven on tens of thousands of rooftops that cover hundreds of millions of square feet. Over the past decade, Xero Flor America has completed green roof projects in 38 states. The company has 85 green roof installations in New York City.

“Of all the sustainable features that went into our redevelopment of the building, our green roof is the most visible,” said Joe Cicciu, president, Findlay Teller Housing Development Fund Corp., Bronx, N.Y., which owns and manages the apartments. “It embellishes the property, makes it more attractive and gives our residents a pleasing view of green space.”

“Many green roofs are on top of buildings where no one can see and enjoy them. The Findlay Teller green roof, particularly the sections installed on the terrace level and second floor roofs, have windows that look out on them,” said Freda. “In fact, 90% of the apartments have a view of the green roof.”