Nov 29, 2018

Grundfos Launches Pumping Solution for Flood Control in Malaysia

The flood control solution will meet the water infrastructure needs of the flood-prone country

Pumping solution brings flood control to Malaysia
Pumping solution brings flood control to Malaysia

Pump manufacturer Grundfos launched a pumping solution in Malaysia to help meet its growing flood management needs. Serving Malaysia’s water infrastructure since the mid-60s, Grundfos seeks to advance the country’s flood management system by introducing the prefabrication pumping station (PPS).

While the country has been growing with rapid industrialization and urbanization, the increase in extreme weather events like floods have taken a toll on local economies and infrastructure. In the last two decades, Malaysia experienced 38 floods, and has affected over 770,000 people, killed 148 people, and caused over US$1.4 billion in damages. The PPS is designed to be energy efficient and operate reliably in the long-term. While traditional pumping stations are made of concrete casted on-site, PPS is made of hard-wearing plastic and coupled with an advanced control system.

“The responsibility of flood management does not lie with the government alone,” said Leong Chee Khuan, area managing director for South Asia and general manager for Grundfos Pumps. “Over the years, we as a business have been working closely with governments, especially in Asia and Europe, to support their flood mitigation efforts. We recognize here in Malaysia that recent floods have called for efficient pumping solutions that are reliable in facing the unpredictability of these extreme weather events.”

The new flood control solution requires a short construction timeframe, reducing installation time by as much as 80%. The hard-wearing plastic ensures the system is leak-proof.