Gutter Guards Receive UL Certification

Covers can be used for potable rainwater harvesting systems

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Gutterglove Inc. announced that its manufactured gutter guards received certification through Underwriting Laboratories (UL) for National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) P151 and NSF 372. This approval will allow its gutter covers to be the first to be used in potable rainwater harvesting systems.

Even with all the rains as of late, there will still be a growing demand for water conservation practices and sustainable eco-friendly green products. “Our stainless steel gutter guards act as a pre-filtration for rainwater catchment because they keep leaves, pine needles and small debris out of the gutter and rainwater collection tanks,” said Robert Lenney, gutter guard inventor and CEO of Gutterglove. “Another great feature is that homeowners will never have to clean their gutters out again.”

NSF P151 covers the health effects from rainwater catchment system components and NSF 372 covers lead content analysis.

“We are proud to support our members that are making great strides to move the industry forward as Gutterglove has with their precedent setting UL approval for NSF protocols related to gutters used for rainwater harvesting,” said President of the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Assn. David Crawford.

The gutter guards manufactured by Gutterglove are made primarily of stainless steel micro-mesh and will keep out leaves, pine needles and tiny roof sand grit from your gutter. The two primary benefits of the gutter covers are that users will never have to clean their gutters again, and they can be used on a potable rainwater harvesting system where rainwater’s end use is for human consumption such as drinking and cooking.

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