Mar 10, 2014

HERO Program Helps California Residents Save Water

HERO water efficiency projects can reduce property owners’ water use by a third

HERO Program California Water Conservation Program 120 Cities

As California continues to deal with ongoing drought conditions, more than 120 communities across the state are preparing to enable local property owners to reduce their water usage through cost-efficient upgrades financed by the HERO Program. Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) is a fast-spreading program that allows property owners to pay for water and energy-efficiency upgrades through their property tax bills. More than 120 cities will offer HERO programs to local property owners this year.

By taking advantage of HERO financing, property owners can install a wide variety of water and energy-efficiency systems including rainwater catchment, drip irrigation, smart sprinkler, weather smart irrigation, gray water recycling and wastewater management. High efficiency toilet installations are also eligible under the program.

Estimates predict that an average family could save 16,000 gal of water each year by installing high-efficiency toilets alone. Participants can increase those water savings by adding other water efficiency systems that can result in an average one-third reduction in total water used—savings of more than 50,000 gal per home annually.

“Homeowners are ready to chip in and be part of the solution when it comes to water conservation. It’s up to cities and counties to give them the tools to effectively cut down on water use during these drought-ridden times,” said JP McNeill, CEO of Renovate America, providers of the HERO Program. “Best of all, an investment in water conservation systems leads to lower water bills right away, so homeowners can see their investment paying off in real time.”

In order to provide the HERO program to local residents, municipal governments merely need to pass a resolution to offer the program. Because financing is provided through a private partner, the HERO program is revenue neutral for participating municipalities. Swift action can have the HERO PACE program up and running in a community ahead of summer’s warmer temperatures and dry conditions.