Hilton Head Island, S.C., Constructs Large-Diameter ASR Wells

Certa-Lok 24-in PVC well casing provides non-corrosive solution

New 24-in. Certa-Lok PVC well casing from North American Specialty Products LLC (NASP) recently provided the South Island Public Service District (SIPSD) of Hilton Head Island, S.C., with a non-corrosive casing solution for three new aquifer storage recovery (ASR) wells. The corrosive salty water of the Atlantic Coast and high-capacity demands made it important for the water and wastewater utility to use a non-metallic casing available in a large diameter size. Following NASP's addition of 24-in.-diameter well casing to the Certa-Lok line, the project's hydraulic engineer, ASR Systems LLC of Gainesville, Fla., specified the product for the new ASR wells.

Certa-Lok is the first restrained-joint PVC well casing to be offered in a 24-in. diameter. Made of high-grade PVC, the product is immune to electrolytic and galvanic corrosion, unlike cast iron or steel casing, and is listed as safe for use with potable water by NSF Intl. Certa-Lok well casing utilizes a proprietary spline-locking design to form a full-strength joint instantly in all weather conditions without the use of solvents, arc welding or reinforcement screw attachments. The solvent-free joint is environmentally sound and ideal for monitoring well applications. The new 24-in. well casing comes in standard 20-ft lengths and is available with a PVC or fiberglass coupling to extend installation depth.

SIPSD hired Rowe Drilling Co. Inc. of Savannah, Ga., to drill the three wells at 620-ft-deep and install 500-550 ft of PVC casing in each well. Working with Certa-Lok well casing for the first time, Rowe Drilling Co. was pleased with the product.

The project was finished this past fall, and the wells will be brought online following the completion of an onsite pump station next summer.

North American Specialty Products

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