Hurricane Irma Recovery Efforts Begin

Hurricane Jose hovers in the Atlantic

Florida recovers from Irma

Days after Irma hit the U.S., residents have begun recovery efforts. Several statesFlorida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Alabamaare experiencing power outages. Florida was the most affected with approximately 4.4 million customers without power across the state. The Florida Keys suffered major damage with 90% of homes sustaining damage. Residents also are asked to boil water before drinking or cooking. 

The storm-related death toll is not confirmed, but at least 17 deaths were reported in the U.S. The hurricane killed 38 people in the Caribbean. 

While the U.S. recovers from Irma, Hurricane Jose is gaining speed. It was reported 840 miles east of Florida Sept. 13 and is a Category 1 storm. The hurricane is not expected to hit the U.S., but it is too early to determine its exact path.

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