Feb 26, 2009

HydroLogic Solutions Introduces SedimenTrap

Technology facilitates sediment management in StormChamber systems

SedimenTrap from HydroLogic Solutions effectively captures and removes sediment from storm water prior to groundwater recharge. It is a low-cost, high-performance storm water management system component. When used in conjunction with StormChamber, the resulting subsurface system exceeds all regulatory water quality requirements.Overcoming the deficiencies of older technologies, the StormChamber system functions best as an infiltration best management practice (BMP). With the addition of the SedimenTrap, it is also a highly effective water quality BMP in soils with low infiltration rates. The biomat of microorganisms that forms on the stone and soil underlying the StormChamber system is more effective on clay soils than mineral soils due to the higher moisture-holding capacity and the higher content of organic material. The SedimenTrap effectively retains the sediment as well as the phosphorous that absorbs more effectively to the clay particles than the mineral soil particles.The system also significantly contributes to low-impact, sustainable development goals and helps to obtain 18 points for U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.For more information, visit www.stormchambers.com.