Oct 18, 2019

Industry News Week 10/14/19

Propex receives 2019 innovation award for PETROMAT Enviro; Ocean Legacy Foundation launches international plastic pollution response strategy.  

Industry News Week 10/14/19

CULTEC Moves Leadership to Second Generation

President Bob DiTullio Jr.
President Bob DiTullio Jr. 

For over 30 years, Bob DiTullio Sr. has run his family business CULTEC, Inc. As a storm water management solutions provider and the founder of plastic chamber technology, CULTEC has been a pioneer in the storm water industry since the company’s inception. The company prides itself on being adaptable as needs and regulations grow and change. In response to increased product demand, and the desire to take a step back to concentrate on other aspects of the business, DiTullio Sr. has decided that he is ready to pass the day-to-day company operations on to his son, Bob DiTullio, Jr.

Having spent the majority of his professional career in the storm water industry, much of that working directly with his father at CULTEC, DiTullio Jr. is enthusiastic about the company’s future.

 “I’m excited to carry on the legacy that my father built when he founded CULTEC all those years ago,” said DiTullio Jr. “Over the years, we’ve grown exponentially into an international business while still keeping close to our core values. This has allowed us to be a great partner to both our customers and our community – and we will continue to be so.”

As company president, DiTullioJr. will be responsible for the generation and implementation of strategic business development plans designed to support growth and customer retention. He will lead the CULTEC management team alongside his sister, Gina DiTullio Carolan, COO/CMO; and longtime CULTEC veteran Fred Dotson, director of sales. Together, the three are looking forward to continued success in the storm water industry. The team looks to continue to guide the company through its expansion over the last 30 years, crafting its direction and adjusting to the market as needed.

Propex Receives 2019 Innovation Award for PETROMAT Enviro

PETROMAT® Enviro™ was recently awarded the 2019 Industrial Fabrics Foundation (IFF) Innovation Award.

“Innovation is what drives us,” said Propex CEO Mike Gorey in a press release. “It’s a key part of our culture, and we will continue to invest in products and market development to ultimately offer our customers the best geosynthetic solutions.

PETROMAT Enviro was developed to solve the milling and recycling issues associated with traditional paving fabric. It features the strength properties of AASHTO M288 and easily mills and recycles. Unlike brittle glass-based geosynthetic interlayers, Enviro can be placed directly onto a milled surface without fear of breaking or tearing. The flexible design also allows for smooth, wrinkle-free installation even around curves. Once milled, PETROMAT Enviro is nearly indistinguishable in recycled asphalt pavement (RAP). 

Ocean Legacy Foundation Launches International Plastic Pollution Emergency Response Strategy

Ocean Legacy Foundation takes charge of plastic pollution
Ocean Legacy Foundation takes charge of plastic pollution

The Ocean Legacy Foundation, a Canadian non-profit organization founded in 2014 with the goal to end ocean plastic waste, announced today the launch of E.P.I.C, a plastic pollution emergency response program, which incorporates a four pillar hands-on approach: Education, Policy, Infrastructure and Cleanup to catalyze worldwide action around plastic pollution-free lands and oceans.

The E.P.I.C. program targets ecologically sensitive locations and communities that have a plastic pollution crisis, as well as inadequate management capacity for solid waste and plastic pollution. The program assists with the restoration of natural ecosystems for improved human and wildlife health, as well as develops long-term plastic collection, processing infrastructure and policy to mitigate oceanic plastic pollution sources. 

The Ocean Legacy Foundation works with communities that are in a plastic pollution crisis through an Emergency Management System (EMS) that incorporates mitigation, prevention, response and recovery measures. The EMS takes a systematic approach towards hazard assessments and strategic planning to minimize the impact of risks to marine life, property and the environment. This system provides the foundation for coordinating and integrating all activities necessary to build, sustain and improve the capability and capacity to mitigate, prepare and plan for, respond to and recover from threatened or actual plastic disasters. 

Apex Companies, LLC Acquires Retention Pond Services

Apex Companies, LLC (Apex) announced the acquisition of Retention Pond Services, Inc. (RPS), a regional leader in storm water compliance, maintenance and

repair services. Through this transaction, Apex – an award-winning water resources, environmental services and industrial hygiene firm – solidifies its position as the largest mid-

market storm water compliance and services provider in the United States.

RPS has more than 23 years of experience inspecting, maintaining and repairing storm water systems and infrastructure for companies and municipalities, including supporting the largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the country since 2002.

“Like Apex, RPS has evolved with the regulatory environment and is adept at solving our clients’ most complex storm water challenges,” said Apex President and CEO David Fabianski.

“Additionally, their regional presence complements our nationwide capacity in storm water management and their talent brings added depth that we’re thrilled to have as part of Apex.”

FINN Showcases New Products at GIE Expo

FINN, a leading provider of erosion control equipment announced plans to reveal new equipment at the Green Industry & Equipment Expo (GIE) in Louisville, Ky., held Oct. 16 to 18. FINN will be displaying several new products at this show – the new Titan HydroSeeder, MBH6 and MBX Material Blowers and patent-pending Longshot nozzle.

FINN invented the HydroSeeder in 1953 and with the re-launch of the new TITAN, FINN offers increased performance, power and productivity. The Titan HT330/400 machines were re-designed to improve overall user experience while improving performance and productivity.

“This new machine is a real game-changer in the industry,” said Matt Hoffman, vice president of sales, marketing and customer service of FINN. “We talked to scores of users to solicit input as part of our design process, and we conducted extensive research with a wide variety of materials to develop advanced features to create the best machine possible. With contractors’ needs as our primary focus in development, we have designed a machine with unique features that are required for today’s landscaping and erosion control market.”

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