Jan 21, 2013

Industry Expert Issues Winter 2013 Weather Prediction

Schneider Electric’s Chief Science Officer predicts that severe and extreme drought will last

Schneider Electric Weather Prediction Jeff Johnson

With the drought from 2012 still lingering, will the rest of this winter provide any relief?

Schneider Electric’s Chief Science Officer, Jeff Johnson has watched the weather patterns closely and has developed his predictions for the late winter outlook.

The midwestern states are looking at an exceptional drought, with many other states in a severe or extreme drought as well. These conditions are expected to last, as some states will remain in drought for over six months.

There will be no controlling El Nino this year. It will have an impact on large scale jet stream patterns, and can play a significant role on seasonal weather like causing extreme weather to hold in place weeks or even months at a time.

There will be some variation in precipitation through the next three months, as less precipitation is expected in January and March, while the southeast and northwest states will see more precipitation in February. Increased precipitation may expand northward and could cover the entire eastern half of the country for the second half of winter.

More snow is yet to come with 6-in. snowstorms predicted through March for some midwestern states, as well as California and Nevada. Some states are even expecting snow as late as June.

As for temperatures, a cold outbreak is expected for the second half of January while most areas should see more mild temperatures in February and March.

You can view the rebroadcast of Jeff’s late winter weather outlook webinar here.