Lake George Beach Day-Use Facility

lake george new york
lake george new york
lake george new york

Lake George, a picturesque body of water situated at the base of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, is a popular tourist attraction during the summer months, and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) aims to keep it that way. The agency recently funded the construction of a new day-use facility that is designed to aid the lake as well as those who enjoy it. The facility includes a number of measures designed to keep the lake’s water free of contaminants, including a bioretention system, an underground detention and infiltration backup system, vegetated infiltration swales, a hydrodynamic separator for non-porous areas, and grassed and vegetated pretreatment areas. A permanent two-way boat-washing station was installed to protect the lake from invasive species.

The primary obstacle facing the project was a lack of time. “The tourist season for the area begins in mid-May and ends in mid-September,” said Erin Bullard of Barton & Loguidice, the project’s design firm. “This essentially left six months to begin and complete construction.”

This was further complicated by upstate New York’s typically inclement winter weather, which caused several shutdowns. When work was under way, however, prior planning and constant communication between Barton & Loguidice, NYSDEC and project contractor Rifenburg Co. enabled as many as 10 operations to be performed simultaneously. The project also had to account for a significant archaeological find that yielded thousands of artifacts but complicated the construction process. Ultimately, Barton & Loguidice chose specially designed pavement sections that would preserve unrecovered artifacts.

Work on the facility was completed in May 2015—just in time for tourist season. 

Lake George, N.Y.
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Rifenburg Co.
Barton & Loguidice
$7 million
11.2 acres (490,000 sq ft)